Center of Excellence

Southmountain Children and Family Services is dedicated to providing the “gold standard” in evidence-based treatment to children who have experienced a traumatic event.

Children suffering from the painful symptoms of a traumatic experience such as sexual abuse or witnessing a violent crime need to be given the opportunity to return to a normal childhood as quickly as possible. Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) has been proven to reduce the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in children in as few as 20 sessions.

Our Center of Excellence is a highly trained clinical team that specializes in providing TF-CBT to children who suffer from symptoms of trauma and loss. Each of our clinicians is trained through the NC Child Treatment Program – a Nationally recognized learning collaborative for TF-CBT.

In addition to treating the child victims, the clinicians provide caregivers with the guidance and skills they need to support their children throughout the healing process. Clinicians serve child victims living in the foster community, and those referred through the Agency’s CACs and local community partners.

This team of experts also provides other evidence-based treatment models such as Parent Child Interactive Therapy. Furthermore, the clinicians provide professional trainings and seminars in Understanding the Effects of Trauma, Trauma Informed Parenting, Parent Resource Curriculum, and other childhood mental health disorders.

Please do not hesitate to confidentially contact one of our professional therapists for assistance. Or download our Trauma Assessment/Treatment Referral Form and fax it to one of our offices:

  • Watauga/Avery Fax (828) 639-8058 
  • Burke Fax (828) 639-8058 
  • McDowell Fax (828) 639-8058 
  • Yancey/Mitchell Fax (828) 639-8058
  • or call the Referral Coordinator @ (828) 231-5698

 Admin Office: 110 West Union Street, Morganton NC 28655